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10 Must See California Road Trip Destinations

10 Must See California Road Trip Destinations When you live in a San Jose home, you live in a place that allows you to get outside and explore most of the year. The vast majority of the country can’t make that claim! So, take advantage of the abundance of beautiful weather and scenery that surrounds us, and visit some of the protected lands that ...

Interior Design Trends for Spring 2017

With 2016 went the different interior design trends, from copper fittings to hygge, and more. However, 2017 has in store for us a number of other popular trends, which are a combination of mixed patterns, happy motifs and new colors. On that note, let’s wave the 2016 trends goodbye and welcome a year that looks hopeful in terms of new interior design: Going Green …

Property Investment

Is This Why You Got Into Property Investment? This is the moment you’ve been waiting for.  All the hours spent pouring over investment opportunities, trying your best to estimate operating costs, reviewing different financing options, will come to a head once you sign on the bottom line and take ownership of your new investment property.  Congratulations…now it’s time to get to work! A hard-hitting …

1031 Tax Deferred Exchange

1031 Tax Deferred Exchange In a “1031 tax deferred exchange”, an asset – typically real estate – is sold and the proceeds are then reinvested in a “like-kind” asset. As per Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code,  by conducting this exchange, the individual will not recognize any losses or gains.  Capital gains taxes are deferred until property is sold and not exchanged. There are also …

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