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With the amazing power of Internet, you might think that there is no limit to what hackers may do. What if a hacker is stealing your sensitive banking information or your login data like usernames and passwords?  That’s how most customers feel when they shop online. You might also feel that when you visiting our site and you are right as security is the most critical and the most important aspects you need to consider when using any website.

Intempus Realty takes our website security very serious, and it should.  With today’s heightened DNS server attacks, hackers getting into the seemingly most secure sites, and the increased threat of identity theft, we take every measure to make sure that our website is protected as much as possible.  Additionally, our hosting service takes every measure to protect sensitive customer information within its own system as well.  This information may include Social Security Numbers, banking information, credit card numbers, passwords, business data, and other personal information.

Though no hosting service can guarantee 100% that their security measures and features cannot be broken, the hosting services we use, Bluehost, can guarantee  highly reliable and trustworthy security measures to protect your information at all times. Bluehost is recommended as one of the most reliable and secure hosting services

The way our servers protect all of your personal information is through an SSL secure server.  You may be wondering what an SSL secure server is; SSL means “secure socket layer”.  The secure socket layer is a technique used by webmasters to encrypt important and private information on any given server.  You may be aware of an SSL secure server and not even know it.  Each time you are required to use a password to log into a website, use a form to apply for information, or to even check out during online shopping sessions, you are most likely using an SSL secure server.  This type of protection inhibits any third parties from intercepting your personal and private information when they should not.

Our servers also support SSH, or secure shell server.  SSH is actually a network protocol that allows information and data to be transferred or exchanged over secure channels.  This usually takes place between two computers and involved encryption to protect the integrity of the information being exchanged.  Typically, just like with SSL secure servers, authentication is required such as passwords, user names, and other key information.

You might find it very complicated and technical to understand the security technologies. Simply put, SSL/TLS and SSH provide encryption methods that will only allow secured processes in your highly-confidential Web pages like online forms. With these methods, our website can provide the most reliable and trustworthy security measures to protect your sensitive personal information.