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Silicon Valley HOA Board Elections: What You Need to Know

Silicon Valley HOA Board Elections: What You Need to Know


Serving on the board of your Silicon Valley HOA or condo association provides a chance to guide decisions impacting your community. For homeowners, participating in annual HOA board elections presents an opportunity to elect representatives aligned with your priorities. Here is a breakdown of the election process and tips for homeowners to make the most of these important votes.


Timing of Annual Elections

Most HOAs hold elections once a year, often in the spring or fall. Check your HOA’s bylaws and election rules to confirm exact timing. Terms are usually staggered, with a portion of seats up for election annually to allow continuity.


Notices and Candidate Solicitation

HOA management will send advance notice of the election date and process for nominations. Those interested in running provide a candidate statement detailing their qualifications and priorities. Statements are then distributed so voters can evaluate candidates.


Candidate Qualifications

While any member in good standing can run, ideal directors have experience in areas like:

– Leadership and volunteering

– Condo or HOA living

– Real estate, construction, or development

– Accounting, budgeting, finance

– Project management

– Contract and vendor relations

– Legal, regulatory compliance


Campaigning Allowances

HOA election rules vary on permissible campaign activities like distributing flyers, sending emails, or posting signs. Some limit candidates to the mutual statement while others allow additional outreach. Know the regulations before launching efforts to avoid violations.


Voting Administration

HOAs may utilize online, paper, or in-person ballots for convenience and verifiability. Most require submitting votes by a certain deadline in advance of an annual homeowners meeting where results are announced. Management handles administration and vote counting.


Homeowner Participation

While turnout tends to be low, these elections impact homeowners’ daily lives and finances. Evaluate candidate statements thoughtfully. Reach out with questions and provide input on community needs. Attend annual meetings to stay engaged and address the board directly.


Assessing Board Performance

How effectively is the current HOA board governing? Review meeting minutes and financial reports for transparency and proper procedures. Are directors responsive to homeowner feedback and fulfilling campaign promises? Keep tabs to make informed voting decisions.


Common Homeowner Priorities

Each HOA community has unique needs, but frequent priorities include:

– Maintaining curb appeal and amenities

– Planning for future repairs and improvements

– Building ample reserves

– Controlling costs through prudent contracts

– Enforcing rules consistently

– Embracing sustainability and innovation

– Promoting neighborly community


Vetting and Selecting Candidates

Which candidates seem most qualified and passionate? Who shares your priorities for the community? Those with experience overseeing budgets, vendors, and complex projects bring useful expertise. Seek a balance of fresh perspectives and historical knowledge.


Partnering with Professional HOA Management

While volunteer HOA boards work hard, partnering with professional community management provides valuable expertise. Intempus Management handles administrative tasks, vendor relations, maintenance coordination, budgeting, and more so boards can focus on priorities for homeowners. We help associations reach their full potential and deliver the services homeowners expect.


Get Involved and Make Your HOA Better

Serving on the HOA board is a significant commitment. However, all homeowners can contribute to good governance through participation. Attend annual meetings, know the rules, provide constructive input to directors, and most importantly – vote in elections! Together, we can make our HOA communities even more vibrant.


Feel free to contact Intempus Management with any questions you have about your community’s policies, operations, or management. Our experts are dedicated to assisting associations in achieving their maximum success through our professional HOA management services.




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