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Interior Design Trends for Spring 2017

Interior Design Trends for Spring 2017

With 2016 went the different interior design trends, from copper fittings to hygge, and more. However, 2017 has in store for us a number of other popular trends, which are a combination of mixed patterns, happy motifs and new colors. On that note, let’s wave the 2016 trends goodbye and welcome a year that looks hopeful in terms of new interior design:

Going Green

The color green is usually associated with nature and what better way to welcome the springing bloom than to paint your house a bright, cheerful green. The color is making headlines on many interior design lists in 2017. This is because the color is a representation of refreshment and rejuvenation, something we can all count on after coming out of hibernation.

Foldable Appliances and Rooms

2017 is all about space saving, and a number of interior designers have embraced the tuck-away appliances and foldable rooms to benefit from some major space economization. Features like foldable hoods for kitchen islands, and even entirely foldable kitchen will be seen around. Other items include foldable chairs that mold into the shape of a book, and even outdoor parks that you will be able to fold easily whenever you wanted.


With the added stress in people’s lives, more residents are looking to escape to small spaces where they get far away from the hustle bustle of the world and for some quality time alone. Interior designers report an increasing number of homeowners are looking to create small man-caves where they can withdraw after a long day or when they do not feel like dealing with the added stress. Relaxed furniture and materials are speculated to follow, such as chunky rugs, linen slip covered sofas and big, and comfy love seats.


You will find many San Jose real estate agents recommending their clients to go for houses featuring cork. This is because cork is extremely stylish, and greatly adds to the warmth and texture of the place while absorbing the noise, specifically in big, open home plans.

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