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Buying Off-Market Homes

Posted by Admin on March 6, 2018
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Why Every Buyer in the Bay Area should Look for Off-Market Listings

More and more home buyers in the Bay area are realizing the importance of knowing how to find off-market listings as the rise in demand impacts an increasing number of markets with limited inventories.  Off-market listings (also known as pocket listings, off MLS-listings, and off-market homes for sale) are homes for sale that haven’t been listed on the multiple listing services.  Homeowners who are high-profile individuals, or selling a luxury home, or tenant occupied home may prefer not to list their homes publicly in order to avoid attracting the attention of unqualified buyers.  As a result, the real estate agents representing these properties must work diligently and proactively to find eligible buyers.

Benefits of Seeking Off-Market Homes For Sale

Off MLS-listings offer several benefits to buyers: first, due to the private nature of these listings, there’s significantly less competition for homes that haven’t been listed publicly.  In fact, buyers who are looking to purchase in neighborhoods with especially high demand may even find that off MLS-listings are the only feasible option, as properties that are listed publicly tend to attract bidding wars.  Consequently, buyers who have access to off-market homes for sale increase their chances of purchasing a home in a timely manner.

Types Of Off-Market Homes For Sale To Look For

Off-market listings are not one size fits all!  Off-market listings may include luxury properties, but buyers should note that’s not always the case.  Some owners of more modest homes simply wish to preserve the privacy of their tenants and avoid gaining unnecessary attention.  Therefore, buyers must keep in mind the importance of working with local real estate professionals to identify off MLS-listings in order to be fully aware of all available options.

Working With Real Estate Agents To Find Off-Market Listings

As you can imagine, finding an off-market home for sale isn’t always an easy task.  Buyers who have already determined which neighborhood they’re interested in should locate a trustworthy real estate agent as soon as possible in order to learn more about off-market listings in the area.  Some real estate agents may even showcase off-market homes on their websites, but this isn’t necessarily a guarantee.  Buyers should not hesitate to ask such real estate agents directly about nearby off-market homes for sale.

Intempus Realty has Off-Market Homes For Sale

Though off-market listings are generally only found through word-of-mouth in the past, luckily, that’s no longer the case!  Even with demand exceeding inventory, thanks to companies like Intempus, buyers can easily find off-market homes for sale in the Bay area, and should contact us today for a list of off-market listings!

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