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Low Down Payment Options

Posted by Admin on November 6, 2017
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Low Down Payment Options Now Available For Millennials and First-Time Homebuyers


Low down payment programs attract millennials and create opportunities for first-time homebuyers. Did you know that 61% of first-time homebuyers purchased their home using a down payment of 6% or less? A recent report released by Down Payment Resource shows this data. The same source shows a similar trend among all buyers; 73% of all buyers used a down payment of less than 20%. Low down payment mortgages can improve the shortage of affordable housing.


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What are buyers searching for? How is the home buying market evolving?

A recent article released by Chase helps us understand some of the home buying trends. Their article confirms that millennial and first-time homebuyers are heavily entering the market. It also shows us that affordability remains at top of mind when buying a home.


Buying a home can be an anxiety filled roller coaster ride, but it doesn’t have to be. Working with an expert from beginning to end can help the process go faster and smoother. It can also help you obtain the best deal on your new home. There can be flexibility to qualifying for a loan, down payment, and loan structure. However, recent surveys show the awareness of low down payment options may be low. Low down payment options are at consumer’s disposal ranging from FHA, products offered by America’s leading lenders, and about 2,400+ homeownership programs.


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