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Backyard Design

Backyard Design

5 Ways To Make Your Backyard Feel Like A Resort

Making your backyard feel like a resort is a simple process if you know what you are doing. Every step in this article explains one addition to your backyard that will give you a resort appearance, and the combination of all these things will help create a backyard that all your guest will envy. You may host the neighborhood block parties, and your family reunions will be more fun in your backyard.

#1: Update Your Patio Or Deck

Your patio should not be a bland grey mass that sits in the middle of the yard. Patios should be made from colorful stone pavers that create a design unique to your house. You may create an octagonal patio that juts into your yard, or you may expand your patio until it reaches your pool. You may paint your deck, build another level on your deck or build a roof to cover the deck. The patio and decking are resort features you require on vacation, and your guests will have more places to mingle when your seating areas expand.

#2: Add Flowers And Shrubs

Flowers and shrubs should line your backyard from one end to the other. You may create a maze in your backyard, line the walkway that comes through your backyard or line the exterior of your house with shrubs. Every new plant adds color to the house that you cannot get otherwise, and the shrubs will help create a courtyard where your family can relax.

#3: Add A Gazebo

A gazebo is not an addition you can create on your own. Gazebos are standalone structures that must be built by professional contractors, you may consult with your contractor on a design for your gazebo. Gazebos may be very small structures that seat one of two people, or you may choose a gazebo design that will seat your whole dinner party. Place the gazebo far from the house, build a walkway to the gazebo and create another living space on your property.

#4: Add A Garden

You may build a real garden in your backyard that looks like it is tended by a professional gardener at the resort. A garden full of flowers will help bring life to a portion of your yard, or you may grow a garden used for food. Two separate gardens are even more impressive, and your guests will marvel at the life that a few plants will bring to the lawn.

Your garden may become more interesting if you plant the garden on either side of a walkway. Fence in the garden to make it look like a magical place from a theme park, or place an arbor of the entryway way.

#5: Add An Arbor

Your guests can sit under an arbor in your backyard, or you may grow vines on your arbor. Arbors do not protect you from wind and rain, but they are wonderful places to read or relax.

Vines you grow on your arbor may include grapes or tomatoes, and the arbor becomes a place that supplements your garden. Your arbor may be used in place of a gazebo, or the arbor can become a seating area separate from your gazebo.

Your backyard can look like it belongs at a resort with the five changes listed above. Building an arbor or roofing your deck is simple. Building a gazebo or planting a massive garden requires some help, and you may hire someone to help create a lovely space in your backyard. Every new addition increases your home’s value, and your guests will gasp in awe at what you have created.


Jessica Kane is a professional writer who has an interest in interior design and home decor. She currently writes for Canopy Concepts, a leading installer of custom patio covers and patio enclosures.



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